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[GBC] The fallen crown sur kickstarter

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[GBC] The fallen crown sur kickstarter Empty [GBC] The fallen crown sur kickstarter

Message par Davlar Ven Fév 23 2024, 22:44

The fallen crown est un jeu de plateforme pour game boy color,  avec des pointes de rpg (dans le sens kid chameleon je vous rassure) . Vous incarnez une tete de squelette et je ne sais plus le reste.

Le kickstarter a bien fonctionné il y a quelques trimestre,  je vous partage la dernière update.

Voici une petite video ou l'on voit plusieurs environnement nts de decors, et plusieurs "habit"  que le hero endosse (rime avec os)  au cours de l'aventure.

Publié par Larson Kilstrom févr. 20, 2024 a écrit:
Hey Everyone! The past few months have been a little crazy, but I've been making steady progress and I think you'll find something here to get excited about. I've added a ton of new stuff and overhauled some old stuff. I think my vision of The Fallen Crown is really starting to take shape. Let's check it out!

Building Levels
The bulk of the work these past few months has been spent using the tilesets featured in the last update to build up the actual in-game levels. So far, most of the rooms for Act 1 and Act 2 are in the game, named and connected with collision and color palettes applied. The current count is 71 rooms out of a total of roughly 100. Most of the remaining rooms are in the final Act that takes place in the main tower, known as 'Carrion Tower'.

Since we came SO close to hitting the second stretch goal, I have begun adding in 'The Wayward Cadaver' Tavern. This will be a cozy place the player can purchase items and chat with NPCs. This will be a hub for a number of side quests and will have at least one additional room where the player can rest, view collected trophies and read found lore books (possibly even a bestiary).

GB Studio has recently released version 3.2, which among other exciting things, features slopes! This will hopefully let me expand the mine cart levels into something more involved and fun, and possibly even add some level of combat. Unfortunately, as of the time I'm writing, this version is not compatible with one of the plug ins I'm using. Hopefully there will be an update, but I'm stuck using version 3.1 for the time being.

Improving Combat & Animations
Of all the newest additions/changes, this is probably what I'm most excited about. Each class's primary weapon will have a 3 hit melee combo. Depending on the timing of attack button presses, the player can perform 1 to 3 of these attacks to add variety to attack strategies. I have also added unique dodge rolls to each class, complete with Iframes.

I have sped up player animations to look smoother and more natural and have redrawn a few sprites. I also added the base level Soldier's Gear(the demo's Soldier Gear is now the Knight's gear) and added the Samurai Helm and Katana.

New Enemies & NPCs
I have added in a few new enemies and NPCs. So far it has just been the idle sprites and walking animations, no real scripting or dialogue yet. Once the player's sprites are more complete, I'll revisit these so I know I won't be going over tile or palette counts. I have also added in a new friendly NPC faction called 'The Dwellers'. They have adapted to life deep under the tower and are one of the very few living beings that can survive down there.

Most of these little critters aren't very adventurous, but they LOVE collecting the trinkets they find in the mines and caves underneath Carrion Tower. I've also created, colored and animated The Wayward Cadaver's resident gossip hound and Barkeep, Reginald.

Rise and Shrine
Saving your game is getting a big overhaul. This was always my intended method of saving, and I can't wait to show it off! These are Symphony of the Night inspired rooms, but Shrines are tied into the game's story and will offer helpful advice along the player's journey.

The alpha demo's gravestones won't be going anywhere, however, so don't worry. They will act as a place in which the player can suspend their save, as well as a fast travel location after finding 'Dante's Shovel'. I might also create a consumable to let the player respawn at a gravestone after death without losing progress. I will also be adding in 3 save slots,

What's Next?
My plan is to get Act 1 and 2, all of its enemies, NPCs, puzzles, quests and systems in place before fulling diving into Act 3. I will work on finishing the tilesets and building out a few levels for 'Carrion Tower' whenever I get sick of scripting, so getting the last 1/3 of the game's content implemented should be a fairly efficient process.

But first, I will be working with a few of the backers to turn their ideas into some new enemies and NPCs! I'm pretty excited about this part now that I'm more familiar with GB Studio's new Sprite Editor. After that, I will be adding in the 'Hall of Champions' to showcase the names of many of the other backers' in the game.

Looking for more updates? Follow me on Twitter/X (twitter.com/atavistgames) where I post smaller updates and behind-the-scenes stuff once or twice a week. Thanks as always for your interest and support. Cheers!

-Larson Kilstrom, Developer

[GBC] The fallen crown sur kickstarter Img_1168

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